Aug 18, 2014

Life's Riches -- #ZigZiglar's Example

 Are you seeking treasure?

Life's riches may be nearer than we think.

The early pioneers hunted gold, silver and valuable gems.
In stage coaches, covered wagons and on horseback--
They braved rugged country and unimaginable dangers
Searching for wealth.

Even today,
A hundred years later some of the roads they traveled are perilous. 
  But where are the real riches?

If you have a strong mind--you're gifted.
If you have a home--(not a house) --you're wealthy.
If you have good health--you're rare.
If you have a job--you're privileged. 

There are Treasures money can not buy:

A loving Family--
Peace of mind--
Friendship with our Heavenly Father--
And facing the day with J-O-Y.

Author and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar
Found true riches--
And may his words inspire us.