Oct 14, 2017

How-to Live To Be 100

Do you know anyone who has lived to be 100?

There's a fascinating documentary on Amazon,
"The Oldest People In the World."
Those interviewed, included the oldest living person at the time,
Emma Tillman, 115 years old. 
Each shared their interesting "secrets"
Including the 101 year old lady who
Daily exercises, walks and lifts weights.She put me to shame.

Some people drag around at 30,
Others complain through life at 50,
Well I have a dear friend who has joyfully lived to be 100--
Actually she is now 101.

She reminds me of a quote: 
"The glory of God is a human being who is fully alive."
--St. Irenaeus, (130-202 AD)

May I introduce my exceptional friend who could 
Be described as "fully alive?"

Sardie Cashwell Jones.

 Sardie's "secrets" to longevity are very simple
And something we can all experience. 

First of all she's been blessed by God with a long life,
And she loves and serves Him daily.
Sardie Cashwell Jones - retired U.S. Gov't, Washington
But that doesn't mean her life has been easy.

However she can no longer visit
the Veteran's Hospital with goodies,
Assist weekly in Inner City after-school programs,
Or visit hospitals and distribute inspirational booklets,
As she did regularly in her 80's.
Attending a Ladies Book Club in her 80's
 At 100, her social calendar was packed.
She attended faithfully church functions,
Visited grieving families with hugs and yummies,
And shared the needs of others on a daily telephone Prayer Line.
But when she hit 101, 
Some health problems began to slow her down.

A dear friend for over 40 years,
May I share three "secrets" I've observed
in this remarkable lady: 
First of all is her 
which she freely shares and inspires others.

Often she says, "Pray about everything and
Don't forget--
The Lord is never early,
He's never late,
But He's always on time."
Sardie, in her 90's, with my daughters Angie @savvybabii and Ouida @callmeoui
Often Sardie bubbles with delightful, contagious laughter.
In fact, every conversation is laced with laughter.
No wonder she's been so healthy.
"Hearty laughter is a good way to jog internally without having to go outdoors." -- Dr. Norman Cousins 

"Dr. Jeffrey Goldstein, a psychologist From Temple University Philadelphia,
Says there is a definite possiblity that laughter relates
"in several ways to longevity."
--Dr. Donald E. Demaray
Laughter, Joy and Healing (Baker).

Sardie Cashwell Jones is a magnet of love to all ages and races.

Men, women, boys and girls are drawn to this
Lady who suffered through painful fires of discrimination
And only secretly complained.
Instead her favorite mantra is:
 “We’re all God's children. 
Racism and hatred are man's way, but love is God's way."

It sounds like Dwight L. Moody knew our dear friend
When he wrote,
"Faith makes all things possible... love makes all things easy."
Faith, laughter and love--
An amazing prescription for
Living long and fully alive.

After ill health slowed our dear friend down three months ago,
We no longer receive her cherished calls.
That's why I was shocked  when the phone rang
And she said,
"Honey, would you please come polish my fingernails?"
Imagine that--at 101 years of age.

Yes, once a lady, always a lady.

A very special lady
Who is making a difference
In this world--
Loving one person at a time.