Sep 10, 2014

Finding Priceless Treasures

Where are Life's Treasures?

One stormy Halloween night
I was alone and startled by the doorbell.

There stood a friend holding a small ornate box.
She came in and said,"I want you to have this."

When I opened the elegant box,
I was absolutely shocked.

Inside were the most
Exquisite emeralds and diamonds
I've ever seen--
Including an 11-carat emerald.
Tucked beneath the jewels was the appraisal--
They were jewels for royalty.

I insisted, "No thank you" but
She was deaf to my protests and
Walked away leaving me
Numbed with shock. 

The next day I tried on my new jewels
And wondered
Where will I wear an opera length necklace with
A rock of an emerald and
Earrings so encrusted with jewels
They weighted my earlobes down.

I looked more comical than elegant.

I placed them in a safety deposit box 
And one day after she sobered up
My friend returned for the "gift."

Do you know--
Not for an infinitesimal second have I missed those jewels.
They meant absolutely nothing to me.

 But tracking and finding treasures--
That's wealth beyond compare.

Treasures abound everywhere--
And especially 
in the unexpected--
 Amidst the ordinary.

Excites me,
Exhilarates  and 
Inspires me 
To stretch forth--
Achieve things I never expected,
Accomplish the impossible and
Reach for new horizons.
I have many Treasures
Including my 7 Children
Whom I call “Treasures”--
Angela, Ouida, Beth, Dave, Rob, Jessica and Stephen--
My dear "Heartbeats" (grandchildren) 
All of my precious Family.
Other treasures are dear dear friends--
Including my BFF of many years.

This week she visited and
We discussed heady issues,
Laughed like clowns, 
Shared secrets and
Enjoyed uniquely magical moments together.

My dearest Friend and Treasure--
He surprises me constantly with
Reminders of his love
And he makes my heart leap, dance and sing.  
 But the greatest Treasure of all
Is a Treasure that can’t be held in my hands
Or seen with my eyes--
That is--
Knowing my dearest Friend and Savior.

“Where your treasure is, 
there will your heart be also.”  
 ~ Jesus  

 Hubby and I track treasures together.
We've found some this week.

Listen and
That's the go-mode
For Treasure hunters. 

How about you--
Have you found any Treasures lately?