May 6, 2013

The #1 Lesson For Twitter & Life

Did you know--
 Twitter contains valuable lessons for life? 

After six months of tweeting,
I met some amazing people and 
Learned some vital lessons
That helped on Twitter and in (RL) real life.

 But one thing I've seen-
Many people do not know how
"To do" Twitter.

Some act like it's Facebook--
And tweet personal nonsense that
People over the world
Care nothing about.
Such as, "I can't find my wallet." 

Others tweet personal jottings that sound like
Excerpts from their diary or spiritual journal.   
And then others--

Act like door-to-door salesmen 
Banging on the door
To sell a book or product.

(Most are very gracious.)

 But I understand--
Because I also didn't have a clue.

Often Twitter
Was like learning a foreign language or
Wrestling with an octopus. :)

At first I felt like a two year old struggling to walk--
I mean--

As I previously blogged,
I resisted Twitter for two years while
My techy daughter 
Angie @savvybabii insisted--
"Expanding your social media contacts to
Twitter could help your writing career."
Was she right and I wrong.
And the benefits were much greater...
Daughter ~ @savvybabii
  If you haven't read a previous post:
Angie and The ABC's To Twitter 
Please do.

There I reveal the vital lessons 
Shared and her #1 warning.
It's the mistake I see most often--
People focusing on themselves instead of others.

  As I struggled to understand Twitter-verse,
 @SavvyBabii emphasized:
  Be kind, gracious and remember:
"The most important thing
Isn't about you,
And selling books--
It's about relationships."

Whether in social media or
On the street where we live--
"Nobody cares how much you know,
Until they know how much you care."
--Theodore Roosevelt

Always a great reminder:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
-The Golden Rule

How has Social Media helped you?