Apr 18, 2013

Life's Greatest Treasure

Photo by - Jessica Danielle Hanson
What is life's greatest treasure?

Like a staircase
We traverse the path of life
One step at a time--
And along the path there are priceless treasures.
There are some at the very top of my list.
What are they?

That question reminds me of another day and time--
I was interviewing one of the most
Interesting and impressive people
I've ever met.

He was a mechanical engineer who helped
Design the double-decker buses in England.
The leader of a tank battalion who stormed
Hitler's forces,
Was wounded at the Battle of the Bulge and
Freed the largest women's concentration camp 
On the Belgium border.

There he found the love of his
Life and her name meant--

Photo by - Jessica Danielle Hanson
 He wasn't a tall man,
In fact he was slight in statue
And very soft spoken.
But the amazing thing--
He exuded an exceptional strength and 
The longer we talked I noted
Courage as I'd rarely witnessed.

A wealthy, brilliant and accomplished individual
I listened to his story 
And was mesmerized. 

He was truly a
Man of steel and velvet 
I was in the presence of greatness.
Photo by - Jessica Danielle Hanson

During the interview,
He never bragged for a moment,
He just spoke matter of factly.
As he described horrific dangers, heartaches and 
Outstanding accomplishments,
He repeatedly said,"It had to be done."

During those memorable moments together,
I only shared snippets about myself. 
But just before we departed he made a
Startling remark:
"I envy you."

You've got to be kidding.
Why would such an brilliant, accomplished
World traveler who had lived a life
Worthy to be the subject of a book or movie,
Envy me?

"Why?" I asked.

"Because of your children."
His words were permeated with sadness.
"I possess many things but I have no children."
He hesitated and added as bequeathing honor:
"You're a very wealthy lady."
Yes one of the few things I'd said about myself,
"I'm the mother of seven children."

Usually people responded as if they couldn't
Believe what they were hearing.
In fact one lady proclaimed, 
"And you look so normal." :)
Yes I was used to all kinds of responses
But never had anyone expressed "envy."

From that day forth I called my
Children a new name--
"My Treasures."

Now rather than half heartedly apologizing
I proudly say,
"I have 7  Treasures."
Photo by - Jessica Danielle Hanson

And yes--
The greatest treasure in life is

They are a valuable work of art--
And the only ones who will
Carry forth the heritage of who we are
Into the future.

What a grave and incomparable responsibility
We have.

May I introduce my Priceless Treasures: 

Angela - @savvybabii,



Dave - @chefdaveb,


Stephen @bullgnome

Each are my wealth and treasures!

Please tell me about yours.    

But if you're someone without biological children,
There are many children in this world,
Maybe in your neighborhood or family,
Who need your love and influence.

Your outpouring of love
Will enrich them
And bequeath you with something
No amount of money can buy--

Children are a gift from God ~ the greatest of all! 

Photography by Daughter - Jessica Danielle Hanson