May 21, 2013

Something We All Need To Do

  This morning was deliciously busy and suddenly it happened…

I was sipping coffee and placing pastries on a platter for guests,
Music was playing nearby and
IL Divo began to sing Amazing Grace.
Bagpipes played in the background and suddenly I had a flashback.
A lone bagpipe player came walking out of the woods 
Playing Amazing Grace and tears began to flow.

That scene was from my Dad’s funeral years ago.
With a busy life I hadn’t thought about it or wept in a long time.
Startled by emotions long hidden,
I stood by the sink missing Dad and crying.

Then I realized:
My tears were for years wasted--
Times when Dad and I could’ve talked, laughed and hugged,
But we didn’t.
Now those opportunities are gone.

 Recently a lovely young nurse confided a heartache.
“Five years ago my husband was driving home from work
But he never arrived. He was killed in an auto accident.”
Another dear friend lost her 16 year old grandson
Who was driving home from a sporting event.
They are still shattered.
Thoughts barreled back of shocking news last week.
Some dear friends who got together late in life and
Love like teenagers,
Learned the husband has advanced cancer.
But how, he’s a healthy looking athlete?
He was shattered to learn the cancer may have been in his body
For twenty years and suddenly exploded to life threatening to kill him.

Age doesn’t matter,
Nor does social status.
Life is very uncertain.
Life is fragile.
We need to live each moment
As if it’s our very last.

“You do not even know what will happen tomorrow…” (The Bible)

Don’t put off living till tomorrow—
Begin today.
The real priceless treasures are
Family and friends.
Hug them often,
Tell them everything you may never have the chance to say again
And don’t let anything steal a moment of your time together.
It may be your last chance…

“You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching,
Love like you'll never be hurt,
Sing like there's nobody listening,
And live like it's heaven on earth.”
--Wm. W. Purkey

Years ago daughter-in-law Laura said,
“We just took Salsa lessons—you’ve got to learn.”
For six years we’ve chuckled over her suggestion and said, “Someday…”
No more. 
This Friday, 
Date night,
We’re finally learning the Salsa.  :)

And while we’re dancing,
What will you do that you’ve been putting off?