Nov 21, 2012

Where Are Joy & Peace?

Sadness and drama are everywhere,
But where are joy and peace?
Today there's so much sadness
Over the world.
Some I know of personally--
Family and friends--
And others you may know.

Thoughts of those in crisis and sadness
Have prompted the thought--
Where is peace?
Where is joy?
That reminds me of two people
In whom I saw joy and peace personified.
Although these two could have complained.
They never did.
One was a remarkable man.
I can hardly remember his features
Other than
He could never escape his wheelchair.

He only had half a body.
Half a torso.
All of life was a struggle for him--
Just simple things
Like opening a door.
But he had the biggest smile--
A light-up-your-day kind of smile.
And he never seemed to have a bad day.
He even drove a car--
And in middle age returned to school.
But that amazing man did not
Enter a car like we do--
He had to climb through the trunk
Pull his wheelchair in
And crawl through to the driver's seat.

Every day living
Was arduous and probably very painful
But he never complained.
He was always smiling,
Always cheerful
And spreading joy--
To everyone.
 The other special one--
My dear friend Nita.

I knew her from grade school through highschool
But then our paths separated.
Just before Nita left this world
She and I reunited.
She was battling the devastating "C"--
We enjoyed deliciously delightful chats.
Sometimes I called her and
Sometimes she called me.
You'd have thought my precious friend
Was sitting on a sunny lanai somewhere
Sipping cappuccino--
Without a care in the world.
Positive, joy filled
With rich laughter
Oh how she brightened my days.
Never complaining
She talked about life
And her precious family.
They were her greatest riches--
And bragging on them
Was her favorite delight.
Chats with Nita
Were always joy filled
Only a breath away from Eternity--
She was one of the kindest
Joy filled,
Thoughtful-of-others and loving
People I've known.

So when I start complaining
Hear others complain--
I think of that special man in the wheelchair
And my precious friend Nita.

Neither could escape their
Horrific problems for a second.
And yet
Each of them
Chose a higher path.

They surmounted horrendous trials
And chose to spread love, joy and inspiration to others.
 They possessed a deep inner peace
And joy--
Rooted in their unsinkable faith.

Intimately connected
To God
They spread
His peace, love and joy--
Like a contagious breath of life.
Each precious One
Left indelible imprints
Upon the hearts and minds of those
Wealthy enough to have known them.
I will ever be grateful!