Nov 13, 2012

Wealth Beyond Compare

Recently we observed wealth beyond compare--
In a most unusual place.
Yes the joy and radiance
Was something no amount of money could purchase.
While typing those words I thought of Christina Onassis--
Who at one time was the wealthiest woman in the world.
She spent money like waterfalls flowing freely.
But there was something Christina's $3 billion empire could not satisfy--
Her deep desire for love and contentment.
Amidst extravagance and opulence
Christina complained she would probably
Never know true love.
And at 37--Christina Onassis died a sad and lonely woman.
May I share a much different story?
It's about a lady who
Lacks the financial resources of Christina Onassis
But possesses that for which the shipping heiress yearned.
A former professional with impressive credentials
She bubbled with excitement about her new job. 
No it's not in the impressive corridors of a Fortune 500 company
Nor is she dressed in a power suit
In a fast paced arena.
Instead this elegant and refined professional
Works in a most unusual place.
And hearing her exuberance--
We wanted to see.
So we drove there to observe.
There she was--
Back and forth as if floating on a cloud
Waving her arms with the grace of  a maestro
Conducting a philharmonic orchestra.
Her face was sun kissed and radiant
From a deep inner glow--
While she sprinkled smiles and love
Here and there
Upon boys and girls, moms and dads--
And all lucky enough to be recipients.
Hubby and I were astounded!
How could anyone have so much fun working?
But it was more than that--
This special lady
Bequeathed love and joy
Like a precious gift--
And she sparkled as boys and girls, moms and dads
Loved her in return.
"A joyful heart is the inevitable result
Of A heart burning with love."
--Mother Teresa
That's what we saw
At the school crossing--
A heart burning with love.
And today we salute Vernelle Hilborn--
Directing and guarding precious lives at
The school crossing.
An elegant lady with joy, peace and a sense of purpose--
Vernelle is making this world a much better place
One moment at a time.