Nov 28, 2012

Perpetua--A Lesson of Love

Recently I've learned a lesson of love
From our 5 1/2  year old grand daughter.
Perpetua is a gorgeous little brunette with long curly hair--
And her sparkling dark eyes speak volumes
Without saying a word.
Her dramatic expressions are priceless
While she processes information like a wise little lady.
Perpetua lives 2000 miles away--
And we miss her tremendously and
she misses us.
So this five year old has devised a way
To stay connected.
Often in the midst of our busy day
The telephone rings.
That familiar wee voice on the other end says,
"Hello Nanny. Would you like me to read a story?"

And she reads and reads and reads
Until she jubilantly exclaims, "The End."
Sometimes Perpetua reads two or three books
During one call.
And sometimes she calls numerous times in one day.
Always to share her version of a story.

Months ago I said, "Perpetua you're such a good reader
You should read to little children at the library."
Without hesitation she quickly replied,
"Nanny I can't read--I just make this stuff up."
These days Perpetua is learning to read.
Tenaciously she pronounces every word correctly.
The difficult words are sometimes a challenge
But that doesn't stop our determined little reader.
She labors over each syllable until the sentence is complete.
You'd think this happy little girl
Had nothing else to do.

Oh but she does.
She has a very busy life--
Trips to museums, the library, beach, playing
With her sisters, brother, cousins and friends.
Always somewhere to go and something to do.

And yet--
Perpetua takes time out of her day--
Many days
To make phone calls of love.
Unselfishly she pours out her energy--
Her time--
Her love.
She warms our hearts with giggles of delight~
And I'm sure she warms her own heart in return.
This precious little girl
Has taught me
What a treasure
To give the gift of ourselves.
Because in giving--
We receive much more in return.
"Love is, above all, the gift of oneself."
--Jean Anouilh

"Love is the beauty of the soul."
--Saint Augustine
Thank you Perpetua!


Rob Bland said...

Excellent, heart warming post. I copied and pasted it to a Word document for safe-keeping. Perpetua is a thoughtful and complex little person. She loves calling you and bonding in that fashion.

Angie said...

Honestly, I'm slightly jealous because I'd love to have Perpetua read to me, too! :) Beautiful story...thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I very much enjoyed that! What a special and touching writing. I have always been so impressed with the beautiful, intelligent and Godly Children that Laura and Rob are bringing up. Each and every one is amazing! love you!-Dave

Bobbe Brooks-Fischle said...

Rob,Dave and Angie--thanks immensely for commenting.Some things are riches beyond compare--as Perpetua's love.Your children are enriched with similar qualities!:)