Mother and Daughter Writers -- Bobbe Brooks Fischle and Beth Brandt

Aug 14, 2016

An Amazing Story of Tragedy and Triumph

Some people seem to be unscathed by the storms of life.
Walking together on the beach a friend said, "I never have any problems."
At that point, I was facing some gut-wrenching heartaches and
I secretly squelched my envy.

Her life overflowed with prosperity, love, and happiness but
Years later life jerked her around as she faced multiple loss and heartbreak.
And I was touched deeply while remembering that day on the beach.

Yes, that's what life is all about.
The high road,
The low road and
Sometimes in between.

 Like a lovely tapestry, 
Life is made up of
Colorful threads of love, joy and peace but woven
Amidst life's splendor are
Dark threads of trial and suffering.

I've just read a book about trials, tenacity, and triumph--
And it was so gripping I'd like to share:

A well-written page turner, 
This memoir immediately draws the reader into
A journey of riveting sadness and triumph. 
With anticipation, you wonder if the author will
 Allow the cruelty of life to kick her down for good,
Or as she valiantly responds each time,
Hop back on the road of life and
Conquer the challenges. 
(She not only reacts to life, 
But she's admirably proactive.)
Shellie Blum is a spunky spitfire with a
T-e-n-a-c-i-t-y rarely matched today.
At the end of the book,
You want to shout with joy,
"She made it" 
And give her a big hug of congratulations!
On Twitter @shellieblum
I'm glad I purchased the hardcover because
I relished the story more thoroughly,
Loved the pictures and
Want the book in my library so
I can share it with other women...
What amazing inspiration and encouragement!

Thank you, Shellie Blum
For sharing your unforgettable story of
Trials, tenacity, and triumph.

May you enjoy a life of peace--
That you so richly deserve.


P.S. I'm sure your Dad is very proud, as everyone who knows your story.