Jul 31, 2016

Priceless Treasures--What Are They?

1800's Gold Town in Colorado - Rocky Mountains
Searching for wealth was difficult
Today I'm thinking of wealth, riches and priceless treasures.

Treasures remind me of the old gold mining towns in the Rockies,
Where the early pioneers trekked  across
America in search of riches.
Those are out-of- the-way-jaunts Hubby and I love to explore.
(And by the way, today, some still find golden nuggets.)

Tenacious pioneers of yesteryear
Were certain if they found gold and silver amidst those rugged and remote regions,
The treasures would satisfy their financial needs and heart longings.
Remote Gold Regions Today
As much as we love to trek the remote backcountry of the Colorado Rockies
And seek all kinds of treasures,
May I share some
Treasures that I found today--
Right here in my home?

These are treasures that have touched me deeply--
They've provided laughter, joy and warmed me with love.
And as much as I've looked for gold nuggets :) :) --
No amount of gold, silver or precious jewels 
Could touch my heart
As these have! 

Here they are:
"Paper Roses" -- Gifts from the Heart - from all ages, 4 years to 99 years.

 In our noisy, microwavable society 
With data zooming around the globe
At unbelievable speeds,
To have someone take the time to sit
And pour out their thoughts,
Their hearts,
Their love
In a note, a letter or what I lovingly call--
A "Paper Rose"--
Is absolutely priceless.

These valuable heart-sharings can not be purchased
With any amount of money.
They are
Priceless Treasures!

Have you written or received a "Paper Rose" lately?
If so, you have received wealth 
And something very rare today.
 "More than kisses, letters mingle souls."
--John Donne, British Poet, 1572