Dec 19, 2012

Rob's Christmas Star And Hope

Sights and sounds of Christmas are all around.

Please join me virtually and
Come sit in our living room.
Snowflakes are falling outside,
But inside all is cozy and festive.
Enjoying the exquisite strains of Christmas carols by IL Divo,
The London Philharmonic Orchestra and others--
While my fav--a hazelnut creme candle--blankets
The room with a fragrance of warm maple syrup.

The fireplace aglow and
The Christmas tree sparkling with twinkle lights.
Valuable ornaments sprinkled all around.
Actually the ornaments are only valuable to us.

Some were created by loving hands,
Some are fav toys Lil "Heartbeats" played with
And others are gifts.
But the most prized ornament for me
Is the star perched atop our tree.

Years ago
During some very heartwrenching and difficult times
We were lucky to have a tree,
But ornaments were a luxury and the
Top of the tree was bare.

Son, Rob, who was a teen at the time
Surprised us--
He created a  very special star for the top of our tree.
The star wasn't glitzy or fancy-smancy
In fact some may have discarded it as trash.

Rob covered cardboard with recycled
Wrappers from Reese's peanut buttercup candies.
Yes he recycled trash
And created a Christmas star.
Christmas Star
created by
What a uniquely special star!

If that star could speak
It would share many stories.
Hard times,
Happy times
Love, joy and laughter.

Through the seasons of life
Many changes occurred--
Some tremendous surprises
Some deep sadness--
And with our large and wonderful family--
An abundance of joy.

There was Grace for the moment
Whether joyful or sad.

And like the star
That shone brightly atop the tree--
Through the seasons of life
There was always hope.

Yummies for the Homeless
May I encourage you today?

I've walked the path--
Sometimes rocky and perilous
Sometimes tearful.
And I know that I know that I know--
The path of life may be so foggy you can
Only see one step at a time.

The hurts may be so deep
Loneliness so
You think
It's impossible to step further.

Don't faint.
Don't give up.

There IS
A rainbow beyond your storm--
Bright tomorrows are ahead.

And you never know what great surprises
Our loving Lord has for you--
Just around the bend.

Like a lovely gift
Beneath the Christmas tree
And like Rob's star reminding me--
There's always reason to


"Hope is that thing with feathers that perches in the soul
 And sings the tune without the words and never stops... at all."
                                            --Emily Dickinson

"God puts rainbows in the clouds so that each of us -
In the dreariest and most dreaded moments -
Can see a possibility of hope."
                              ~Maya Angelou

A Mother's PS ~
The creator of this treasured star
Is a uniquely special person.
Rob is married to his adoring sweetheart Laura--
Supermom and Superdad
Of 7 beautiful "Heartbeats."
(One is Perpetua,  mentioned in previous post.)
Rob is a compassionate and successful
Critical Care Nurse with a deep faith.
He's also a brilliant Theologian/Scholar--
And yes
A very creative person.
Rob, thank you for the star
But most especially
Your beautiful life!