Dec 31, 2012

Powerful Preparation for The New Year

What lies ahead in 2013?

Will Americans fall off the "Fiscal Cliff" into some deep
Dark and destructive abyss--
Or will that pass as many theatrical moments
Have in Washington--
While both Parties play games
And seem deaf to the American people?

Have no fear
The "Fiscal Cliff" will pass,
Until they contrive more unethical dramatics.
Hopefully this is the year
We'll awaken
And take back Washington
In behalf of our precious Children and Grandchildren.

As the New Year approaches
You and I will walk ahead
Into bright tomorrows
Filled with joy, heartaches and challenges.

Yes, welcome to life.
 For us
And probably for you
2012 was filled with
Uncertainties, steep mountains to climb
Deep precipices to avoid
Many joys, challenges--
Love, laughter and
Peace in abundance.

No matter what lies ahead,

There are answers and solutions.
We can climb, cross or tunnel
Through every difficulty.
Amidst the uncertainties of tomorrow--
There's always reason to

Speaking of answers, solutions and hope,
 Hubby and I have an annual tradition
As we prepare  for the New Year.

We disconnect,
And trek high into the mountains
Amidst God's majestic splendor--
Seeking peace, quiet, solitude
And fresh new ideas.

Just after daylight
We drove away.

The car was packed with emergency supplies
In case we got stranded in some remote region,
The hot pot filled with steaming coffee
And lots of yummies to eat.

We both bubbled with excitement
Anticipating a day of delight and discovery.

The powerful weapon
Of preparation we've discovered
(as have many others* )

"Solitude: the quality or state of being alone
Or remote from society.
A lonely place (as a desert)."

We left the frantic Interstate
And entered lazy back-roads
Of serenity.
Minus the glitz and glamor of bright lights
We found fresh mountain air
And extravagant beauty.

 The purity of focus
Serious conversation--
Silly chatter and laughter.
Thoughts about old ways
That needed changing
And new adventures and ideas
To incorporate.
 God's majestic wonders
Were breathtaking--
Made us want to dance and sing,
But rather than freeze
We oohed and ahhed.

Captivated and in awe.
We could understand
Seeking nature
And yes
The Still Small Voice of Wisdom.
We found riches
That could not be purchased 
On Amazon, in Paris or Rodeo Drive.
 Hundreds of miles
Breathtaking vistas--
New thoughts and ideas.

As the sun lowered behind the mountains,
Darkness approached.

We were relaxed,
Refreshed and
And possessed a deeper connection
With each other.
Traveling through ski resorts 
 We blended into the traffic and
Drove away from the majestic wonders of
Beauty, solitude and quiet.

We were taking immeasurable riches with us and
Prepared to face the year ahead.


*"Solitude is not something you must hope for in the future. 
Rather, it is a deepening of the present..."
--Thomas Merton
"Solitude is the place of purification."
--Martin Buber

One of my fave verses of inspiration:
"In quietness and confidence is your strength."
--Isaiah 32:15 

Wishing You the happiest year ahead!
How do you prepare?