Oct 25, 2012

Magical Chairs of Love, Laughter & Living

                    Our Magical Chairs                
Do you have magical chairs--
A place of peace, pleasure and sometimes
Connecting with others?
For 5 years two red Adirondacks sat in our yard.
If those chairs could speak,
They'd share stories of love, laughter,
And hours and hours of living.
We take breaks from writing and online teaching--
And at times we eat lunch beneath the pines.
Other times family, friends and neighbors
Join us to chat and share.

The red chairs represent slowing down
Sometimes reading and sometimes sharing,
But always loving.

Neighbors wave and we wave back.
We greet children and often strangers walking by.
Sometimes we've felt like neighborhood greeters,
But it 's fun.

Once a lady said, "My little girl wants to sit in your red chairs."
A neighbor emailed, "Could we sit in your chairs and pray?"

Those chairs
Although simple
Have been the happening place--
For laughter, love  and all kinds of things.

Excitedly awaiting my Kindle Fire
Today the chairs are gone.
They were stolen.
                And now I'm praying for someone
I don't know--
The thief. 
To him they're just two red chairs. 
But to us they were much much more.
Like sitting on the front porch was--
In days gone by.

Like opening our windows and doors
And connecting with friends,
And each other.

Try it--I think you'll be surprised.
Slow down,
Sit on the front porch,
Or like us
Out in the yard.

Read, relax and share.
Sometimes smile or wave at passersby.
You'll be touched,
As the love affects you--
And them.

But most of all,
You'll be amazed
That a pair of simple chairs
Become a magic carpet--
To love, laughter and a fuller life.