Mar 25, 2012

True Friends--Remembering Nita

When have you connected with a true friend?

Not the Facebook, collecting kind--
But real, honest to goodness friends.

Today I'm remembering a true friend--Nita.
One morning I called her and
Instantly we connected.
Not surface, game-playing talk but
A deep, cozy sharing--
Like slipping into a pair of comfy slippers.
She laughed and laughed--
And her joy was contagious--
Like good medicine.

There was nothing gloomy or complaining--
Oh yes--she had one complaint--
"No news--just lying here."

The delicious delightful moments passed and
Her love was  like the warmth of sunshine--
While her positive, upbeat talk
Touched me deeply.

Later I dropped the coffee pot--
Wet coffee grounds and glass
Sprayed over the floor and cabinets.

Then suddenly I thought of Nita--
Her wonderful, infectious joy
Amidst the storms of life--
And my mess meant absolutely nothing.
Where was Nita when she called?
She was lying in bed
Battling cancer.
She wasn't gloomy or complaining,
While apologizing for "not emailing much,"
Her thoughts and love
Were focused on others.

She bragged about her family
Whom she adored--
Yes--they mattered most. 
Today my precious Friend is in Heaven.
And to Nita I write--
Thank you
For your exquisite friendship and showing me
How to live.

Thank you for the reminder:

There's nothing more valuable than--
Loving, caring and connecting with others.
Family, friends and faith-
Are our greatest wealth.

Thanks to you Nita--
My life will ever
Be richer!

"A thankful attitude opens windows of Heaven."
--Sarah Young ("Jesus Calling")