Mar 11, 2012

Does God Reveal Himself Today?

Will God speak today?
Does He care about you and me? Where is He when our world falls apart?
Have you ever wondered?
I have.

And while wondering,
 I looked for someone to answer the secret nagging questions.
But there was no one.

Oh yes I knew ministers and plenty
 of religious people--some dear friends and sincere seekers.
Like me, they were at church regularly.
Singing loudly on the church pew but spazzing out in the nitty gritty of life.

God seemed far off in the sky somewhere--
And I wondered--how do I connect with him?

So I rushed to the bookstore and searched
Through books by Andrew Murray, Watchman Nee, Catherine Marshall, Dr. Francis Schaeffer And others who wrote about their friendship with God.

That's what I wanted. I devoured the books,
And found they all had one thing in common--
They thirsted and searched for God.
Determined to find answers,
I sat quietly each morning, with a cup of coffee, the Bible, pen and paper.
 Day after day, I searched, prayed and jotted notes.
One morning a verse leaped off the page and into my heart.

And that was just the beginning of a journey into knowing
And finding that God reveals Himself today.
"He loves us with an everlasting love."

As Catherine Marshall wrote:

"And every time where I had met God
Had not been on the easy straight-aways but on the turns
When I had least expected the revelation of His presence. . . .
He met me at my point of need...
I have met God when the straight road turns,
And He has picked me up,
Wiped away my tears,
And set me back on the road of life."
(Meeting God At Every Turn)

"If you seek Him with all of your heart
Then will you find Him."