Feb 26, 2012

Treasures & Reminders From The Past

Where Are Treasures?
They're all around us--
But sometimes like
Seeking precious metals,
We must dig deeply and search--
To find treasures past and present.

Recently we trekked through bumpy mountain roads amidst gold mining towns of the 1800's.

Off the beaten path,
Bumping through narrow, potholed roads,
Some required 4-wheel drive but
We persevered and found them--
Remains of another day.
A time when life was much more difficult
And it took courage and tenacity just to survive.

Some toted water for miles, battled wild animals, severe storms
And lived in what we would term shacks.
Times were hazardous and hard.
Death rates were high, especially infant mortality.

And there amidst the hazards and hardships were symbols of hope--
Churches where they sought help, comfort and
Friendship with Him
Who loved and wanted to help them.
And like our ancestors of old--
We too can find hope, help and courage to face hard times. 

This is one of my favorite
Treasures from The Bible:
"The eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth
seeking to prove Himself strong
to those whose hearts are committed to Him."

Let's seek and find treasures this week--
Especially the greatest Treasure of all...