Feb 24, 2012

Let's Wake-Up and Write

In recent days
A phrase from the Bible has gripped me--
"Awake, awake" sleeping ones.

Amidst the daily news--
Blogs and Facebook posts--
Authors on C-Span Book TV--
Documentaries about America
and the global community--
All contain facts that have 
Awakened me.

Long ago in the Bible
Nehemiah lived amidst dangerous, difficult and scary times--
He wrote: "Don't be afraid...
remember the Lord who is great and awesome."

Times are hard all around us.
Friends, family and neighbors are hurting.
Some have lost jobs,
Others are very ill
Or in grief.

They need encouragement,
Let's awaken and write--
Maybe an article,
A book
"A paper rose" (a note).

"A small drop of ink makes thousands,
Perhaps millions...think" wrote Byron.

Let's encourage--
"Don't be afraid...
Remember the Lord
Who is great and awesome."