Nov 8, 2015

The Unforgettable Beauty of Love

 Today almost every newscast has a pretty blonde-
If not blonde--gorgeous. 

There are famous Sisters with millions of Followers on Twitter
Whose Media Machine makes sure we hear about them daily.
Their appearance changes weekly because they spend thousands
Of dollars to plump their lips (and everything else)
While surgically striving for beauty.

If only they knew—the real secret.

May I share a drastic contrast?

There are four ladies who sit on the back row of our church
Sparkling with joy and attracting all ages like magnets of love.

Often they’re overlooked and almost knocked down.
They aren’t blonde or TV beautiful and all are in their 90's.

During a difficult time (and we all have those times, don’t we?),
Those ladies loved, prayed and encouraged me to expect brighter tomorrows.

They were right.
Storms aren’t forever.

One Sunday morning Hubby and I entered the church and
One of those Lovelies greeted us.
When I said, “Good-bye,”
She said, “Don’t forget us.”
"That's impossible,” I replied.

Who could forget being touched by Love?

Another who possessed genuine beauty was Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
She wrote:
I’m a little pencil in the hand of a writing God sending a love letter to the world."

Her habit—kissing foreheads and looking into their eyes. She wanted others, especially orphans, lepers and homeless to see God’s love through her eyes.

That’s the Love those beautiful Ladies portrayed and I’ve never forgotten.

Where were you touched by Love?