Aug 5, 2012

Great Reads & Writing

Aren't they wonderful?

What have you read this week?

I've read some amazing books--
And would like to share a few with you.

There have been many moments of inspiration through the
One Year Book of Chrisitan History.
Wow, the stories it contains--
Of people like You and me
Who walked before us--
And experienced the John 10:10 "Abundant Life"--
The life Jesus promised to those who seek...
L'Abri written by Edith Schaeffer is a gripping journal depicting how Edith, Francis and their family walked and talked with God amidst our busy and sometimes complicated world.
How this wife and mother prayed and
God answered.
Yes, this book has been a shot of faith!
Techniques of the Selling Writer by Dwight Swain is an excellent read for any serious writer.

Blood Sport by James B. Stewart
Is a shocking expose' that every American should read
Or anyone concerned with the nation our children and grandchildren will inherit.
Written by Harvard grad and former front page editor of the Wall Street Journal
This well researched and documented book
Reveals the greed, corruption and power
Of Washington's elite.
Our leaders freely escape prosecution and are excused
For things you and I would be imprisoned for.
Last but surely not least--
This great little book will fit in our backpack
And guide us into many hours of deliciously delightful
Refreshment amidst nature.

A quote from its dedication page:

"Ask for the ancient paths where the good way is;
And walk in it and find rest for your souls."
--Jeremiah 6:16

Let's read, read, read--
and write, write, write.
Others are waiting for your book!