May 22, 2016

Bumps and Surprises On The Road of Life

Do you like surprises? 
I do.

The Road of Life--
Is filled with
Treasures and surprises and
We never know what lies ahead.
Hubby and I love to explore and
As you can see I snap pics of roads
Especially rugged, remote, winding ones--
Because there's always
A surprise around the next curve.

The same with life.
Sometimes surprises are
Simple or
Delightful like
Illusive wild animals.

How exciting to view God's extraordinary creation.

These are just a few of the treasures we've found
While trekking the heights or desolate regions.

  Now I understand why Henry David Thoreau 
Retreated to Walden's Pond.

Later he wrote:
" I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, 
to front only the essential facts of life,
 and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, 
and not, 
when I came to die, 
discover that I had not lived."
Other times we rounded a curve and
Were startled or 
That's how life is too.

The bumpy road above is located in remote
Gold mining country
Where miners rushed to seek treasures
During the 1800's.
While traversing the rugged terrain
I wondered about the men and women
Who explored those regions long ago.

We were having a great time.
Suddenly we rounded a curve on a very 
Narrow road with a steep drop-off.
And there in the middle of the road 
Was a huge washout
With only a sliver of road--
Not enough for a car.
I was terrified because
There was no time to hit the brakes.
Thankfully I'm married to a quick thinker and
Instantly he gunned the accelerator and
Our SUV climbed the embankment.

Our adrenaline raced as
We flew across the wash out,
Bounced down onto solid road and
With hearts pounding
Drove away to safety.

 The road above was a super highway 
compared to the other road
 And yet there were surprises ahead.
At one point in a very secluded spot
We both had an overwhelming
Sense of danger--
And we shivered as
We zoomed away.

Trekking through God's amazing wonders
Is like traveling the road of life.

But like life,
Amidst the deliciously delightful times
There are also negatives.
 Sometimes there are dangerous curves.

Other times uncertainties and

Sometimes long, lonely stretches.

 Or the dim and shadowy.

 Sometimes scary and painful--

There are always brighter roads ahead.

 And no matter where the road of life takes us--
Whether a peaceful, painful or scary road--
We are never alone!

There's a glorious promise that I love:
"I will never leave you; I will always be by your side"
(Hebrews 13:5, The Voice)
 May you enjoy the journey too!

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Beth said...

I enjoyed the journey and your thoughtful perspective - thanks for sharing! (So happy that your quick acting husband steered you safely pass the washed out road!)