Apr 16, 2015

Preparing For The Impossible

You may live in America
or some remote region of the globe
But we all have one thing in common.
There's one thing
You and I can not prepare for.
Years ago a veteran Nurse said,
"As much as you might think you can--
You can never prepare for the death of a parent."

She was right.
It's not possible.

But the truth is,
We can never really prepare for the loss of anyone
That we love dearly.

It's impossible to comprehend the
Finality of never seeing or speaking to a loved one again in this life.

That reality and loss overwhelms and devastates us.
And as much as we may think we're ready,
For a while,
Each of us loses our emotional equilibrium. 
More gripping advice:
A dear Irish Priest encouraged,
"Do whatever you must--to have no regrets."

And his wise words are the key to preparing for
The one thing we'll eventually face and the
One thing we can't truly prepare for--
The loss of a loved one.
We all have "warts" and
We've all made mistakes,
But regardless of hurts and negativity 
We've experienced with those we love,
We do them and ourselves a huge favor--
By letting go of the past,
Forgiving and
Having no regrets.
Forgive and love--
That's the only way to prepare for the inevitable--
The day we say good bye, for now, to those we love--
To see them once again, someday in Heaven.
We do not need the additional, nagging pain of guilt.

Instead, the one thing that will help and
Comfort is having good memories and the
Love between us.

Let's make sure,

that we do the one thing possible to prepare for those life-shattering good byes.

As Maya Angelou so wisely encouraged,
"It's one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, to forgive.
Forgive everybody."
Reminder from Tim McGraw

Thanks to Judy - @LUKIKA For this Gripping Reminder!