Dec 17, 2014

The Power of a Paradigm Shift*

It will happen and how will you cope?
View From our Deck and Windows
 This time last year we were decorating our beloved home in the Colorado Rockies and this year we're decorating our cottage a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean. 

In the Rockies we observed the majestic 14teener Long's Peak from every window and watched snow storms tumble across the Rockies and blanket everything with a wintry wonderland. It was truly a bit of Heaven on earth.

Then Hubby sustained life threatening falls on black ice necessitating our move to the flat lands of Florida. Good-bye to the majestic Rockies--that provided a kaleidoscope of beauty and wonder every single day-- and good-bye to our dream home.
Most especially,  I miss sipping coffee and delicious chats, laughter and hugs with daughter Beth, other precious family, friends and our exquisite home with mountain views--where, like an excited child, I stood on the deck and let the snow fall upon my head.

Good-bye to all of that. 
So what is the big "It" that will surely happen?...Change!

Loss, change and good-byes. Life is filled with them...and for sure they will occur. So how do we cope? Run to the doctor and request an anti-depressant? Grab a bottle of strong liquor? It's not easy, but it's much simpler than that.

Loss, change and good-byes come tumbling into our lives in all shapes and forms.

This week we were unpacking our Christmas decorations and found a box was missing. No it wasn't the cheap, replaceable glass balls, but instead the large bin filled with family heirlooms, exquisite ornaments and many memories. 

Somehow they were accidentally donated to a charity. I wept while hanging the cheap glass balls on the tree and ached to have our priceless ornaments that held so many memories.

Then I received a text from daughter, Angie, @savvybabii telling about a relative who just had surgery and lost his second leg.

Like a pitcher of ice water thrown upon my head, I realized I was crying over t-h-i-n-g-s when a young man had just become a double amputee. 

Sobering? Yes.

Today is the anniversary of the death of a dear friend's college age son.
  • A relative lost his legs.
  • A friend lost her son.
  • Another friend lost her beloved Prince.
  • Another friend lost her life to the dreaded "C."     
And here I am crying over ornaments when I have the most wonderful Husband, dearest Family, precious Friends and life overflowing with joy in a lovely cottage surrounded by love, beauty and blessings immeasurable.

In his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey* discusses the power of a paradigm shift--a different way of seeing.

"If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. 
But if you want big and primary changes, work on your paradigm."
 Loss, change and good-byes are dark threads woven through the tapestry of our lives that nurture beauty, substance and enriching qualities, including compassion and gratitude.

Let's look away from the negative--to the positive. Do not focus on what we lack, but what we have.

I am learning--the invaluable coping mechanism for the storms, loss and uncertainties of life is "the big G" --

"A cheerful (grateful) heart is good medicine."