Aug 29, 2016

I Met #Love on Twitter - @angels510

 "You need to get on Twitter." For almost two years I
heard that Mantra while I balked, resisted and insisted, "I don't have time." The prompting was from daughter, Angie, known in Twitterverse as @savvybabii.

Finally I yielded. Angie helped set up my account and
like a frightened toddler I stumbled along the shore of uncertainty out into the rough waves of the expansive unknown--stretching over the internet and around the world.

Patiently she took me by the hand and step by step coached me through the confusing, unknown world of Twitterverse.

Amidst throngs of strangers @savvybabii exhibited L-o-v-e and taught me how to, "Hug people with my words"--as Author Cecil "Cec" Murphey says.

 Son, Dave, @chefdaveb also gave me a warm welcome, introduced me to "friends" as I watched him zip from 900 Followers to over 50,000 spreading love, smiles and good-will.
And later their sister, Ouida, @callmeoui joined us shining a light of love through Twitterverse and showing people over the world--what true, loving Americans are like.

As they sparkled along the Time Line introducing me to others, one of the first people I met was another Angie @angels510 -- a super-tweeter with 54K + followers. She introduced herself as "Angie from Silicon Valley."
As Mother Teresa walked the streets of Calcutta
loving, caring and spreading God's love, I was
impressed and touched as I observed @angels510
tweet love and inspiration around the globe.

She interacted with each person as if they were
uniquely special--and her dear friend.

As if welcoming me into her living room, @angels510 was warm and gracious and helped me grow more
comfortable in the strange arena of tweeting.

Early on I complained, "Like a baby, I'm learning to crawl" and she replied, "LOL, I'm still crawling after 3 years. But faster this time than yr #1. You'll do well, and soon."

And I did, because my precious Fam and new friend @angels510 --and other special new friends-- welcomed and encouraged me.

In time @angels510 and I began corresponding--with long, heart-spilling emails and I grew to know this
kind-hearted, brilliant, tech savvy engineer and 
Social Media maven  more intimately. The more I knew--the more I grew to respect and love her as a friend.

Someone I had never seen in RL (real life)--but we
both wanted to meet someday.
I've found that you can learn a lot about people
reading letters, emails and even tweets. I learned that @angels510 was brilliant, sophisticated and had a tender heart for the wealthy and the downtrodden. She loved people!


As well as reading their Tweets, she was intuitive and could read people.  "Silicon Angie" was highly ethical and sincere and did not play games of pretense or deception--nor did she respect others who did. She could spot pretenders and their insincerity even amidst 140 characters or less on Twitter. 

She wrote: "The one with the power to walk away wins."  

As in RL Angie spread love, light and life with her vast
community of friends and admirers--and my family and I grew to love and respect her tremendously.

Then on October 30, 2014 that brilliant, Light of Love was
snuffed out with a stroke. She left throngs who loved her in shock, as we all shared our loss.
Angie S. @angels510
"Mother Teresa of Twitter"
As do so many who loved her, I miss Angie's wit, wisdom and love. I miss the great Lady that she was--who spread joy through Twitterverse with her caring outreach of tweets.

Vast thanks to my daughter Angie @savvybabii who
helped  retrieve some of these special tweets--and as she said, "Wanting to keep the words of @angels510 alive."

                         Here are just a few:  

"The fragrance always remains in the hand
That gives the rose."

"The rose blooms in quiet majesty.
It does not wait for anyone's admiration."

"Never try to outshine others,
Just beam your own light and let people
Find their own way."
-- @angels510

"Being positive may not change my life,
But it does change my outlook of life."
-- @angels510

"Kindness is never out of style.
Wear it daily in your heart and on your face.
Be kind always. Smile a lot."
-- @angels510

"Me, a genius? Nah,  I'm just a very practical woman.
Besides, I learned a few hard lessons 
From my 3rd-world experiences."

"I'm not ONE in a million.
I'm just ONE of millions who have to deal with 
Tragic events.
I just choose not to let it defeat me."

"Friendship does not thrive on demands.
Handle it with care."

"Never be afraid to live the life you want.
March to the rhythm of your own drum."

"Knowing I'm on borrowed time makes me very
conscious about how I live this 'one precious life.'
I've let go of the superficial stuff."
--@angels 510

"As much as I want eternal life,
I can't imagine living forever
Until I get a handle on 
How to live my 'current life'
With purpose and meaning."

"Even as we make peace with the idea of death,
Let's celebrate life, 
In a myriad of different ways."

"Till we tweet again.
Signing off now to open my arms wide 
And meet today's beauty."


I'm sure that Heaven's richer now that @angels510 is there. But we,who love her, miss her terribly and in doing so want to follow her example of loving God and loving others.


Our friend Judy, @LUKIKA tweeted this gripping song.

To me, it's a reminder to be prepared for that moment we follow @angels510 into Eternity. 


Beth said...

Thanks for sharing Angie's beautiful story and for showing us how we can truly impact lives with kind words!

Angie McIntyre said...

Lovely tribute. I treasure my social media connections and for those who don't think love can be shared through it, I disagree. You capture the truth of love in this post beautifully, Bobbe. Thank you.

terrinakamura said...

Bobbe, thank you for directing me to this post. What a lovely tribute to Angie. She must surely have been smiling down on you when she read it.

I'm so grateful to @SaviiBaby for introducing us, and not at all surprised we shared Angie's friendship.

Let's keep her memory alive. I hope the tweets make it to heaven.

Bobbe Brooks-Fischle said...

Bouquets of thnx fr sharing your love for Angie here.
Her memory and touch of Love lives on through us.