Aug 7, 2014

How-To Refresh For Life

What lies around the next curve or new tomorrow
For you and me on the road of life?
Hubby and I love trekking through the mountains,
Traveling across America and
Exploring the back country and remote regions of solitude.

Charged with a sense of adventure and expectancy 
We never know what lies beyond the next curve.
It may be breathtaking scenery or
Wild animals unaware humans are invading their world.
It may be a wash-out that can throw our car off the mountain.
--And that has happened.

 We have spent many hours
Hundreds of miles and
Exciting moments
Roaming and exploring nature and the unknown.

With paper and pen
We jot fresh new ideas that come to mind
Amidst the majestic splendor and solitude.

--Yes deliberately disconnected
From all technology and social media
We find a new Reality. 

Without exception
We return home--
And filled with magical memories and 
New Ideas.
Freshly exhilarated and filled with anticipation
We hop back on the road of life to
Learn and
Make a positive impact
In our corner of the world.

We're charged and ready to
Face life's challenges--
Implement new ideas and
Reach forth to
New Goals.

Like cleaning the lens of a telescope--
Times spent amidst solitude and
Amidst God’s majestic creation
Provide a clearer perspective for all of life.

“Every so often I need out—away from all these people I love most in the world—in order to regain a sense of proportion. My special place is a small brook in a green glade, a circle of quiet from which there is no visible sign of human beings… [there] I move slowly into a kind of peace that is indeed marvelous.”

Madeleine L’Engle
--A Circle of Quiet

Where do you find refreshment for life?

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