Feb 17, 2014

What to Do--When Life Spins Out Of Control

Have I dropped
Off the earth?
Some probably think so.

I've missed blogging,
Reading blogs and 
Connecting with Family and special Friends
In Social Media.

Writing projects are on hold and we've refused Many social invitations--
Because amidst crises
Priorities are the focus--
And we need energy to function.

Life is filled with the unexpected--
Filled with good surprises
And sometimes--
Not so good.

Sometimes we round a curve on the road of life
And suddenly we're facing uncertainties--
Or an unexpected pot-hole--
Very rough and deep--
And we almost spin out of control.

 Or even worse it may be a
Violent storm--
--a critical diagnosis
--horrific heartbreak
--or some other form of devastating disaster.

One thing for certain--
Life is uncertain!

We never know when life will spin out of control and
We feel like a gerbil on a plastic ball--
Round and round...
Wishing it would stop.

In recent months while our life was crazy--
Often chaotic--
And at times cruel and hurting,
Hubby and I were so drained from the stress,
We hardly had energy for a shower.

Draggy and exhausted,
We hoped life would soon return to normal.
To break from the intensity, we took long drives
In the mountains for fresh air.
There we found so much more than pretty scenery and fresh air.

As the roads wound through canyons and mountain towns devastated by the "Thousand Year Flood,"
We had a big a-ha-slap of reality
And realized--
We had no reason to complain.
 Amidst scenes of horror and the cruelty of life--
We were invigorated with a clearer perspective.

Later we drove home Praying for people who were suffering 
Absolute destruction.

We realized that compared to the horrific heartache of losing homes and everything but the clothes on their backs--
Some were uninsured because the area wasn't declared a flood zone . However they were still required to pay a hefty mortgage.

Compared to many people in such dire situations,
Ours was simply an uncomfortable inconvenience.

As daughter Ouida described life's upsetting events,
"They are work-arounds."
 Yes, events that are uncomfortable--
Sometimes extremely so,
always have solutions. 

Hardships stretch and
Make us grow--
And we come forth Stronger--
More courageous and

The fires of life fuel our faith and
While exhibiting grace under pressure
We're freshly convinced
That no matter how rough and bumpy 
The road of life may become,
We're never alone--
And with God all things are possible.

Persist and
Expect a brighter day!
How do YOU
Face life when it spins out of control?