Oct 28, 2013

#Twitter and Our Greatest Need

Angie - @savvybabii
A difficult path in RL (real life) has prevented blogging but
Today I'm excitedly returning.

As stated before--
I kicked, screamed and resisted joining Twitter but finally was convinced by
daughter, @savvybabii  who
Mentored me through the process with 
Love, patience and professional prowess.
(Basic Twitter Tips from @savvybabii are in earlier posts.)

A lover of God, family and people,
@savvybabii sparkles and loves whereever she goes--
Including on Twitter and all Social Media. 
As busy as she is in RL, Angie has over 31,000 Followers.

Angie's #1 Tip:
"You're a writer desiring to sell your product,
But more important than sales--are relationships."

"Even the rich are hungry for love."
--Mother Teresa

Like a toddler I stumbled through Twitterverse and
Found @savvybabii's  admonition true.
Whether someone was in Washington D.C., Kenya, Florida, India, Nepal or some remote region of the globe or
The neighbor across the street--
The #1 need we all have is
Dave - @chefdaveb
 Another who has confirmed that L-O-V-E wins everytime--
Is my Son, Dave, @chefdaveb,
My #2 Mentor in Twitterverse.
From the time Dave was able to walk,
He pursued people with a smile and friendliness.
Now he's proven the ability to win friends and influence people
Around the globe through Social Media.

"A smile is the beginning of love."
--Mother Teresa

When I joined Twitter one year ago,
Dave had 895 followers.
Then he zoomed passed me with 
Smiles, friendliness and genuine love for people.
Today @chefdaveb has an amazing
44,000 Followers from around the world.

Two more daughters have now joined our Fam on Twitter.
Ouida -- @callmeoui
 Ouida and Beth are also connecting and making new friends,
As they sparkle and love others around the globe.

Beth - @bee_bethie
In a day when headlines scream hatred, conflict, and war--
It's easier than you might imagine to extend a hand of friendship and love--
Establishing P-E-A-C-E --
One person at a time.

As One who was the ultimate example encouraged:
 "Love one another as I have loved you."
--Jesus Christ

How have you learned to love others?