Oct 28, 2013

#Twitter and Our Greatest Need

Angie - @savvybabii
A difficult path in RL (real life) has prevented blogging but
Today I'm excitedly returning.

As stated before--
I kicked, screamed and resisted joining Twitter but finally was convinced by
daughter, @savvybabii  who
Mentored me through the process with 
Love, patience and professional prowess.
(Basic Twitter Tips from @savvybabii are in earlier posts.)

A lover of God, family and people,
@savvybabii sparkles and loves whereever she goes--
Including on Twitter and all Social Media. 
As busy as she is in RL, Angie has over 31,000 Followers.

Angie's #1 Tip:
"You're a writer desiring to sell your product,
But more important than sales--are relationships."

"Even the rich are hungry for love."
--Mother Teresa

Like a toddler I stumbled through Twitterverse and
Found @savvybabii's  admonition true.
Whether someone was in Washington D.C., Kenya, Florida, India, Nepal or some remote region of the globe or
The neighbor across the street--
The #1 need we all have is
Dave - @chefdaveb
 Another who has confirmed that L-O-V-E wins everytime--
Is my Son, Dave, @chefdaveb,
My #2 Mentor in Twitterverse.
From the time Dave was able to walk,
He pursued people with a smile and friendliness.
Now he's proven the ability to win friends and influence people
Around the globe through Social Media.

"A smile is the beginning of love."
--Mother Teresa

When I joined Twitter one year ago,
Dave had 895 followers.
Then he zoomed passed me with 
Smiles, friendliness and genuine love for people.
Today @chefdaveb has an amazing
44,000 Followers from around the world.

Two more daughters have now joined our Fam on Twitter.
Ouida -- @callmeoui
 Ouida and Beth are also connecting and making new friends,
As they sparkle and love others around the globe.

Beth - @bee_bethie
In a day when headlines scream hatred, conflict, and war--
It's easier than you might imagine to extend a hand of friendship and love--
Establishing P-E-A-C-E --
One person at a time.

As One who was the ultimate example encouraged:
 "Love one another as I have loved you."
--Jesus Christ

How have you learned to love others?


Ouida Howell said...

Wonderful blog, Mom!! TY for the mention and for always inspiring me to be the very best possible!!! Love you!! xoxoxo

Beth said...

Dear Mom ~ talk about L O V E -that really describes YOU! Always encouraging and building up others! Thank you for showing me and the world what love truly looks like! I love you!