Jun 3, 2013

Beware! It's Stalking Us

It's after you and me--
And we must fight it like a lion.

What is the one thing that can cripple
And prevent a full, rich and
Purposeful Life?

From the moment I entered the busy international airport
It lurked and harassed.

A sophisticated lady who had a large and happy family
And a successful career
Was plagued by it.

Every single time I pick up the newspaper or turn on the internet
there it is--
Taunting  and threatening
To capture my thoughts
And cripple my life.

One of the wealthiest men who ever lived
Was enslaved by it.

Our government has escalated the use of it
To control our thoughts--
Like dependent robots. 
 What harassed me in the airport?
The constant droning message,
“Beware of danger.
If you see a strange package,
Don’t touch it and quickly report it.”

What bothered the sophisticated lady?
She was afraid of traffic in a nearby city and
Refused to ride her bicycle--
Afraid an elderly person would run over her.
You’ve got to be kidding!

Howard Hughes was among the wealthiest and
Most miserable.
He was the ultimate Germaphobe--
Frightened of germs, people and L-I-F-E.
He was enslaved in a prison of fear.
Fear pursues you and me.
News reports of pandemics, meteorites colliding
With earth  and the stock market falling.
Today's headlines:
“Deadly new virus called a threat to the entire world.”

If it’s not one thing it’s a hundred to fear.
And if we listened to our government
We’d all stay inside and shiver like terrified children.

Fear terrorists,
Fear guns,
Fear flying,
Fear sporting events.
Everywhere we go we're supposed to be fearful.

And we must be searched
So “they” can protect us--
So the big bad monsters will not grab us or hurt us.

You’ve got to be kidding.
This is crazy-making-stuff!

One of the most unforgettable people I’ve ever met
Emanated strength, power and courage.

He walked through some of the most dangerous places 
In this world.
He fought a ruthless enemy.
He was wounded in battle
But he got up and fought again.

While he calmly told of leading a tank battalion,
Attacking Nazi forces and
Freeing the largest women’s concentration camp,
I asked, “Weren’t you frightened?”
Calm, cool and matter of factly he replied,
“It had to be done!"

He confided the heartbreaking experience when the
Love of his life got Alzheimers.
I had witnessed his patient, loving care and asked,
"How could you face that?"
Softly he replied, "It had to be done."

One of the bravest people I’ve ever met,
He wasn’t avoiding danger, heartbreak or disaster,
Instead he faced life head on,
No matter what--
And each step of the way
Made this world a better place.


“A man of courage is also full of faith.” ~  Cicero

Daily fear pursues you and me.
Let's resist fear--
Let's fight, win and LIVE!

“The Lord is with me, I will not be afraid.” 
"We are more than conquerors." (The Bible)