Feb 4, 2013

Avoiding Traps in Life and Twitter

What are the traps ready to ensnare on Twitter and
In all of Life?

 1st Trap -- Trying to Please Others

T - Trying To Please Others
Is like a gerbil on a plastic ball--
Running like crazy
And getting absolutely nowhere.

In a world controlled by polls
Surveys and caring what everybody thinks,
Freedom to do and be
Is rare and refreshing.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Florida

It's important that we're true to ourselves.
And in doing so
We grow.
Learn and
Become greater people.
And like the lighthouse--
We automatically shine
A light for others along the way.

 "To be yourself in a world constantly trying to make you 
something else is the greatest accomplishment."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Daughter Angie @SavvyBabii
2nd Trap - Relating To Others Selfishly

R - Relate To Others And Avoid Me-ism.
People care when they see we care.

Often on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and
In day to day conversation people
Bore others to death with self centered trivia.

What they ate for breakfast
Where they're going, 
What they're doing.
Self-absorbed stuff.
All about
Me, me, me.

What are others saying?
Respond and
Help change our Me-ism society.

The super heroes on Twitter
Or at the office
Or in your neighborhood
Are people who care about people. 

As previously posted--
When I entered the strange new realm
Of Twitterverse I stumbled and had no idea what I was doing.
Son Dave @ChefDaveB
Mentored and guided by Daughter @savvybabii --
She and son @ChefDaveB have been great examples!

Yes that's what they are
In all of life--
Others-oriented and
Magnets of LOVE! 

 3rd Trap -- Afraid To Reach For New Horizons.

A- Avoid the ruts of life
Whether in your professional career,
Personal life or
In Social Media.

Always reach for new horizons
And in doing so
Watch for the traps.
 The two primary traps in any new arena
Traps of deception and
Traps of destruction.

Whether links in emails
Or DMs (Direct Messages) on Twitter--

Do not open!

They may contain a virus--
And it may be a point of entry for a hacker.

4th Trap - Politeness Without Caution

P - Politeness and kindness are vital in all of life
And Social Media.

Gracious qualities must be coupled with discernment
Wisdom and

When you're connecting with a stranger 
In a social setting IRL (in real life)
Or Social Media
Always keep your antennae alert.

Check out their profile page.
See who they're connected with,
Look at their tweets, their blog and posts.

Be discerning and
Don't be gullible to
Avoid snares.

A stranger tweeted me.
Kind and polite
I looked at their picture.
They tweeted about my family and
I let my guard down.  
Just before clicking to follow,
I looked at their profile page and tweets.

What a shock!

I was almost fooled.
I was clicking pornography and
They were sending vile and shocking tweets.

Daughter Beth - Scaling The Heights

Yes there are traps everywhere.
But they can be avoided.

Live a life of ruts, fear and regret.

Life is an adventure.
Let's reach for the heights and
While amazing ourselves 
We'll inspire others.

“Successful people don't have fewer problems. 
They have determined that nothing will stop them from going forward.” 
--Dr. Ben Carson - Thnk Big


Beth said...

Another wonderful and inspiring blog! Such great advice and nuggets of truth. Thank you for sharing your "life lessons" which help make our paths smoother!

Bobbe Brooks-Fischle said...

Beth, as always, vast thanks for reading and commenting. You're exemplary of someone trekking the heights and never looking back! xoxo

DenaNetherton said...

Such good points to live by, Bobbe.
Yes, I want to have a healthy balance between friendly marketing and sharkish behavior online. Love your pics, too.

Bobbe Brooks-Fischle said...

Dena, thanks immensely for your visits, affirmation and thought provoking comments!