Feb 12, 2013

America's Sickness, Ben Carson and Twitter

Poison spreading in America, Dr. Ben Carson and why Twitter?

The land of the free?
No more.
People are no longer free to express themselves.

Recently a woman in the workplace was overheard
Calling her husband a "redneck."
Her own husband.
A co-worker-of-color heard it,
Reported her for racism
And the company demoted
"The redneck's" wife.
What could be more ridiculous?

An elementary school student rides to school 
With an American flag on his bike
And is told he'll be expelled if it's not removed.
So are we teaching our children
Patriotism is against the law?

What's happened to common sense?
Where is "liberty and justice for all?" 

Dr. Ben Carson
 One of my heroes spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast--
And now opposing voices
Are calling him "a conservative darling" and
Other titles that sound like he
Should be tarred and feathered.

Forget "conservative!"
What about independent thinker.
A brilliant neuro-surgeon 
Who has achieved much:

*He has received more than 50 honorary doctorate degrees.

*CNN and Time named him one of 20 foremost physicians and scientists.

*The Library of Congress selected him one of 89 "Living Legends."

*In 2006, he received the highest honor bestowed by the NAACP.

*In 2008, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

*Carson Scholars Fund has presented over 5000 educational scholarships--
*And has 85 reading rooms for children over America.

Why so much ridicule?
Because he expressed himself--
And because his opinions opposed others.
Isn't that what freedom of  speech is all about?

Hubby and I watch a TV program regulary
In which we disagree with many of
The Moderator's political views.
But by listening
We are exposed to vital news
Not covered by mainstream media--
And open to opposing views we are
Educated, enriched and aroused to relevant subjects.

  Dr. Ben Carson is a real hero!

Raised in poverty by a single mom,
Called "the dumbest kid in the class,"
With all odds against him--
Ben Carson was destined for a life of crime and failure.

Instead he chose to rise above the life of destruction
And took an astounding path of excellence.

Dr. Carson is a uniquely special  human being--
One of my heroes.

Read his story Think Big and
Watch the movie
Gifted Hands - The Ben Carson story 

And make your own decision.


From our deck we love to watch
The heavens kaleidoscope before our eyes.

Breath-taking beauty.

This is one of the many invaluable
Nuggets of understanding
I've learned from Twitter.

Just as varied as the heavens outside our windows
Are the people 
Over the world.
Cultural diversity.
Different ideas--

Do they all agree with me?
Absolutely not!

But I'm learning
That opening my mind and heart to others and
Respecting them--
Enriches my understanding
Broadens my world.
The horizons are limitless--
Far reaching
Wealthier than I could've imagined.

"If everyone is thinking alike,
Then somebody isn't thinking."
--General George Patton