Jan 14, 2013

Angie ~ Intro to #Twitter and Its Surprises

Daughter and Mentor 
Angie @SavvyBabii
Entering Twitter--with its startling, surprises.

Two years ago Angie invited,
"Mom, you should Tweet."
But I resisted, "No thanks. I'm too busy."

Every now and then Angie invited,
"Mom, many writers are on Twitter,
You should join."
But each time I refused.

While I resisted,
Angie's tweeting received honors including:

"50 Most Inspiring, Rocking and Amazing People on Twitter"
-- (July 2011)

"50 Women You Should Be Following On Twitter"
-- (April 2012)
Angie's story is amazing because
After her first year (2009) 
She only had 1000 followers and
By the end of 2012 -- 25,772 followers.

@SavvyBabii treasures each and every follower--
That's why hers is a success story.

In October 2012 I had a paradigm shift
While reading an article by our
Literary Agent, Les Stobbe. -
This veteran of publishing emphasized the importance of
Developing a platform via Social media.

So barely above a whisper I said,
"Angie, I'm ready to Tweet."
She grabbed that ball and ran--
Before I changed my mind.

And soon she called, 
"I've opened your Twitter account.
You're ready to go."

I was terrified--
Although I'd studied Information Technology,
I had no idea how to login
Or what a #hashtag or anything else meant.

Twitter was a strange land and language and
I was scared to death.

From then on Angie @SavvyBabii was my mentor--
As she provided some basic advice to begin.*
So like a baby I crawled along and observed others but 
Especially Angie.

Daily she tweeted--
Inspiring and loving others around the globe.

Soon I calmed down and grew comfortable in the new arena
Because I found some amazing surprises and
An outpouring of 
Warmth, kindness, love and politeness.

These were my greatest surprises:
1. A mentor is essential.  @SavvyBabii had blazed a trail for me

My Son -- @ChefDaveB
 As had my son-
Her Loving and personable Bro @ChefDaveB

2. Her Followers were warm, welcoming and helpful.

3. The pervasiveness of kindness, politeness and social etiquette was stunning.

4. Then @SavvyBabii introduced me to another Angie - @angels510
A supertweeter with 55,230 Followers.

As Mother Teresa walked the streets of Calcutta
Loving, caring and spreading God's love,
I've been very impressed and touched
Watching @SavvyBabii and @angels510 tweet
Love and inspiration around the globe.
Angie S. @angels510
"Mother Teresa of Twitter"
"Never try to outshine others,
Just beam your own light and let people
Find their own way."
-- @angels510

"Being positive may not change my life,
But it does change my outlook of life."
-- @angels510

Angie @SavvyBabii has been a patient, loving and great mentor.

Her #1 tip to begin:
"Twitter isn't about selling your blog, books or anything--
It's first and foremost
About relationships."
-- @SavvyBabii

But the Angies aren't alone.

There are many uniquely special people 
Daily tweeting, inspiring and impacting--
And who have befriended me.

You beautiful people of Twitter
Know who you are.
Thank you for making this world a better place
One tweet at a time.

Love is the key that opens any door