Jan 28, 2013

Angie and The ABC's To #Twitter

Remote Gold Mining Country

Do you like adventures?
 If so--keep reading.

Hubby and I love trekking through life
Exploring and seeking treasures.
And what a shocking surprise--
The unexpected adventures I
Found on Twitter.

In a previous post "Angie ~ Intro to Twitter and Its Surprises" *
I shared my resistance to tweeting and
How my precious daughter Angie @SavvyBabii 
Persisted and led me 
Kicking and screaming into a global adventure--

Daughter and mentor @SavvyBabii
Angie has been a super-mentor--
Guiding me into this new
Arena with its foreign language.

Besides @SavvyBabii, son @ChefDaveB
And @Angels510 *
I observed and learned from
Many wonderful tweeters daily

@tum55 - @LUKIKA

@Krose914 - @JP8675

@saibef  and daughter @callmeoui

Here are the ABC's from @SavvyBabii:

A – Always have a mentor, 
Observe super tweeters, and 
Tweet interesting, inspiring info.

B – Be kind, gracious and remember:
Tweeting isn't about selling first--

      It's about building relationships.

C – Care, care, care for others 
And put yourself out there.
Like a moth to the flame
And bees to the rose--
Your kind and loving tweets
Will attract many followers--
And what a joy to make new and exciting friends.
 Like me--
You'll be amazed!

@SavvyBabii and I enjoy 
The challenge of
Venturing through Twitter building our world,
But if you prefer someone else to manage
Your account--
Contact  Eric Jonas Swensson @KinderEric --
A sharp professional with a heart.

Bouquets of thanks to @SavvyBabii for your loving
Patient guidance
And to every single one
Of the beautiful people in Twitterverse 
Who have extended helping hands and a warm welcome
And loving hearts.
You're the greatest!

"The only way to have a friend is to be one."
--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Upcoming Post: Traps To Avoid In Life and On Twitter