Jan 21, 2013

A Little Known American Hero of Color

92 yrs old here
Today on Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday
I'm preempting the scheduled topic and 
Saluting a little known
Hero of color who has done much for our country.

My personal hero and friend  
Sardie is 96 years old.
With chocolate brown skin sparkling eyes and radiant smile,
She attracts people of all races and ages,
Like a magnet of love. 

Petite and elegant she still dresses like
She's attending an Ebony Fashion show in New York.
If you're lucky enough to receive an invite to her home
She sets the table and serves decadent meals
Like another Martha Stewart.

Born in the early 1900's when it was difficult and dangerous
To have chocolate brown skin,
She was banned from shopping, 
Forced to walk in the street instead of the sidewalk,
Retrieved textbooks from the trash of white schools,
And had a prospective employer sneer,"You're too black."

She lost her Momma when she was six years old 
But her Daddy--a loving man of faith,
Taught her to move from hatred
To harmony and dissolve racial barriers
With an unusual weapon--love. 

Later she moved to Washington D.C. 
And went to work for the government.
When Civil Rights Laws were passed
Sardie was selected to help
In some dangerous advancement for civil rights.

She was blindfolded and led by armed guards to integrate 
Government agencies.
This amazing lady in her 90's
 Sardie and her beloved husband
Mentored the young and old of all races.
Those mentored are sprinkled over the world
And some are employed with the State Department
Negotiating with Heads of State.

This wise lady of faith often encourages,
"God is never early,
He's never late,
But He's always on time." 

One day while visiting my dear friend
She retrieved a yellowed document.
I was stunned.
It was a copy of Dr. Martin Luther King's speech
In Washington.
She had typed long ago.

Her gnarled hands shuffled through the pages and pointed
To her favorite part.
"With this faith we will be able to transform 
The jangling discords of our nation
Into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood.
Let us work and march and love and stand tall together
Until that day comes when we can join hands and sing,
'Free at last, free at last; thank God almighty, 
We are free at last.' "
Sardie's life has twisted through
Paths of peril and hope.
She has moved beyond mediocrity to the exceptional
Personally, socially and spiritually.
She's determined to help others
Attain their dreams
Like she has--
One person at a time.

At 96 she continues to encourage,
"Honey, we're all God's children.
Racism and hatred are man's way--
Love is God's way."