Oct 28, 2012

Peace In The Storm

Hurricane Sandy Batters Florida Coastline
photo by
Jessica Hanson

Have you experienced a major storm or hurricane?
I have--
And it's something you never forget.

Massive hundred year old oaks
Were uprooted like toothpicks.
Houses plunged into the ocean
While we waded in knee deep water
Inside a building thought to be secure. 
Severe storms can be  very destructive
And traumatizing.
While Hurricane Sandy rushes toward the
Our thoughts and prayers
Are with those in the eye of the storm.
Florida Coastline 
photo by
Jessica Hanson
 There are others today near
And far and around the world
Who are facing storms--
Of a different kind.
Disappointment and

Suddenly storms crash into our lives
And we stagger to regain our
A few years ago
Painful events suddenly appeared
And soon serious health problems occurred

 I consulted the doctor,
A brilliant physician and
Former director of Medicine for NASA.
He asked, "Has anything upset you lately."
I reluctantly  shared the crisis.

He thought for a minute--
Then in a loving fatherly tone said,
 "Somethings in life are beyond our control--
And only God can help."

Then he added,
Trying to change things beyond our control
Only makes us sick.

That's why this
Prayer of Serenity has been
Such comfort to me
And many others.

 I hope it is for you.

Jessican Hanson, Photographer
(one of my beloved daughters)