Jan 16, 2011

Facebook, Friends, NITA & Heaven

How many "friends" do you have on Facebook?

Would you believe,
There's a YouTube video--
"How to Get Thousands of Friends on Facebook?"

They've got to be kidding.
People who collect "friends" on F.B.--
Are not friends--
They're collectors.

A friend is: "One attached to another by affection or esteem."(Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

I'm thankful for Facebook
Because through it I connect
With family and
Real friends far away.

Also, through Facebook
I've reconnected with old friends--
Like Nita-- a friend from the  5th grade.

Eons ago in highschool,
We attended parties, proms,
Slumber parties and church together.
I spent many nights at her house--
Laughing, playing Elvis Presley records,
Making lots of noise and memories.

Then marriage, life and busyness separated us.
Until a few months ago.
One day her daughter Marcie connected
Through Facebook
Reconnecting her mom and me.

LOL--no one had called me "Babs" in years.
Nita and I picked-up where we left off.
When you have a long history with someone--
"Affection" and "Esteem"--(friends)
It's like the years of separation evaporate.
And they did.
Nita and I weren't "collectors"--
She was my dear friend.

Although thousands of miles apart,
We talked on the phone for hours,
Reminisced and shared the serious and the silly.
She talked about her family, her daughters and
Grandchildren--how proud she was of them.
We enjoyed wonderful moments--a deep connection.
We Talked About Old Times

Lots and lots of laughter--
And excitedly she planned to travel from Florida
And visit us here in Colorado.
My hubby promised to grill buffalo burgers--
Although that didn't excite her,
She was very excited about the visit.

So we planned and laughed and
Continued our wonderful talks.
Nita sounded like the happiest person in the world--
Rarely talking about herself--
Instead she talked about her family--
And asked lots of details
About my large family--
As she bubbled with laughter.

Then no more calls,
Our chatter and laughter ceased.
And yesterday Marcie called--
Nita went to Heaven.

I'll ever be grateful to Marcie for
Reconnecting us.
Her Mom was dying with cancer.
And all those hours of talking with Nita--
No one would ever have known.
Instead of complaining--
She was loving, laughing and caring about others.

Today Nita is at peace--
No more suffering and I'm sure
Her laughter, love and beautiful self
Is a delight to her Mom and others she's now with.

My heart is sad today
And especially for Nita's family--
Her husband Frank, precious daughters
Brenda and Marcie and her beloved grandchildren.
They were her wealth and treasures.

As tears fall freely this morning
I opened Author Angela Hunt's blog.
Her topic today: Where's Heaven?
I devoured  every word
Knowing Nita had just arrived there.

In the great scheme of things--
I believe Angie Hunt's blog is
A beautiful design in God's masterful and loving plan.
Here's a link  http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/blogspot/HFlTs/~3/xKeZY8aPHTM/wheres-heaven.html
And I hope it comforts you--
As it did me.

Please pray for Nita's family
And all who are in grief today.
The joy is--
Our loving God has a masterful plan
And one day,
All who love Him--
Will pass through death
Into the gates of Heaven.
And it's my prayer for you--
That you have friends--true friends and
Most of all--
"The Friend that sticketh closer than a brother."


Beth said...

Dear Mom, Thank you for sharing your beautiful friendship with Nita! What a giving, selfless person Nita is! And I don't say "was" because she is definitely alive in Heaven! I'm sure she's telling everyone about her lovely daughters, husband, grandchild and her great friend Bobbe! Thanks for sharing your heart!

Amanda Cabot said...

Bobbe -- Friendship like that is truly a treasure, and even though our friends are no longer with us, they live on in our memories until the day when we're reunited. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and Angela's blog.

Bobbe Brooks-Fischle said...

Beth and Amanda,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful comments to this post about about a very beautiful person--Nita!